Thursday, April 22, 2010


We had a Easter Egg hunt at Donya's house. It was terrible outside so we hid the eggs inside. The kids had fun getting the eggs. Kezy got her fare share. Mostly she just wanted to eat the candy inside. Her and all the other girls got dresses on and played all evening.

Grandma Smith came over on Saturday and we had our Bunny Day gifts. She came for breakfast and we opened our gifts. This is Kezy with all her loot. She made out good!

She got these crazy glasses from a neighbor of Grandmas, she wouldnt out them on, but Kevin did. Her favorite gift was a Dora kite.

Kevin got a basket ball and some tools. Kezy finally put her glasses on because daddy did:)

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Sacramento Zoo

Kevin was on spring break last week so we decided to have a little trip up to Sacramento. We went to the zoo . It was really fun. Here are some pictures:

Keziah wanted her baby to come to the zoo too. This is us getting ready to go in.

The first thing we looked at were some ducks eating their food.

This is Keziah and daddy in front of the lemeurs. Most of the animals were laying around ready for their lunch.

Kevin and Keziah as kangaroos!

Mommy and Keziah with the flamingos

Keziah loved the carousel. She had her eye on the giraffe, but as soon as she saw this Okapi, she for sure wanted it. Diego has an okapi on one of his episodes, she knew exaclty which one it was.

Baby Greta

Here is a little picture of baby Greta at 20 weeks. She is due June 19th!

I am a slacker...

When I saw that it has been a whole year since I updated my blog, I pretty much kicked myself. Oh well. He is an update from a year ago:Summer was great, we had lots of fun and went camping alot. We were at the farm quite a bit for Kevin to help out when they got swamped. Kevin had a huge 115 mile trek with the scouts in Aug that was a huge success. Christmas we spent on the farm. Keziah got a baby with a stroller, crib and high chair. We are expecting our second girl this summer! I'm currently 29 weeks. I have three months left. Kevin is graduating in May....Holy Cow I'm sooooo glad. Other than that, we are just livin life and doing all we can together.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Valentine Fun

We don't usually have a big to-do on Valentine's Day, but we all dressed up in red and went to Burger King for lunch. There is almost nobody at Burger King on V day. Its kind of our little joke.

This is Kezy being silly in her Valentines PJ's I guess we have PJ's for every

Just showing some is that kind of a day.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

A Tribute To The Best Daddy Around

So, these days we don't see Kevin that often, so when we do, we have alot of fun!! Kevin is really good at spending his extra time with us. He is a great dad. He and Keziah just have a ball together. He spends alot of time teaching her things. Its really cute. This is a video of Kevin teaching Kezy how to pound it:

Maybe it was a little to hard that time. Kezy is known for being a little dramatic.

Kevin is taking 15 credits at school, he has really hard classes. He is working 40 hours at work. After all that and taking care of scouts and young mens, he still has time to be a great husband and father. He is really carrying our family right now, he is doing a great job.I know this time is hard for all of us, but if we just take a few moments to enjoy our family, the rewards abound. Kevin is the master at enjoying his family and Keziah and I would like to thank him for that. We love you Daddy!!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Christmas Eve PJ's

Mom got us these matching pj's it was way fun. We always open pj's on Christmas Eve.

They had a butt flap in the back. It was so funny.

She did look super cute in them though.

Keziah had plenty of treat all holiday long!!